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United States History Resources  

U.S. History, American History
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    Library of Congress Classifications in American History



    Class E

    E11-143                                 America

    E11-29                                         General

    E31-49.2                                      North America

    E51-73                                         Pre-Columbian America.  The Indians

    E75-99                                         Indians of North America

    E101-135                                     Discovery of America and early explorations

    E141-143                                     Descriptive accounts of America.  Earliest to 1810

    E151-889                               United States

    E151-169.12                                General

    E171-183.9                                  History

    E183.7-183.9                               Diplomatic history.  Foreign and general relations.

    E183.8                                               Relations with individual countries

    E184-185.98                                Elements in the population

    E184.5-185.98                                   Afro-Americans

    E186-199                                     Colonial history (1607-1775)

    E186-189                                           General

    E191-199                                           By period

    E201-298                                     The Revolution, 1775-1783

    E300-453                                     Revolution to the Civil War, 1775/1783-1861

    E300-302.6                                        General

    E303-440.5                                        By period

    E456-655                                     Civil War period, 1861-1865

    E456-459                                           Lincoln's administrations, 1861-April 15, 1865

    E461-655                                           The Civil War, 1861-1865

    E482-489                                           Confederate States of America

    E491-586                                           Armies.  Troops

    E591-600                                           Naval history

    E660-738                                     Late nineteenth century, 1865-1900

    E660-664                                           General

    E666-670                                           Andrew Johnson's administration, April 15, 1865-1869

    E671-680                                           Grant's administrations, 1869-1877

    E681-685                                           Hayes' administration, 1877-1881

    E686-687.9                                        Garfield's administration, March 4-September 19, 1881

    E691-695                                           Arthur's administration, September 19, 1881-1885

    E696-700                                           Cleveland's first administration, 1885-1889

    E701-705                                           Benjamin Harrison's administration, 1889-1893

    E706-710                                           Cleveland's second administration, 1893-1897

    E711-738                                           McKinley's first administration, 1897-1901

    E740-837.7                                  Twentieth century

    E740-749                                           General

    E751                                                  McKinley's second administration, March 4-September 14, 1901

    E756-760                                           Theodore Roosevelt's administrations, September 14, 1901-1909

    E761-765                                           Taft's administration, 1909-1913

    E766-783                                           Wilson's administrations, 1913-1921

    E784-805                                           1919-1933.  Harding-Coolidge-Hoover era.  "The twenties"

    E806-812                                           Franklin Delano Roosevelt's administrations, 1933-April 12, 1945

    E813-816                                           Truman's administrations, April 12, 1945-1953

    E835-837.7                                        Eisenhower's administrations, 1953-1961

    E838-889                                     Later twentieth century, 1961-2000

    E838-840.8                                        General

    E841-843                                           Kennedy's administration, 1961-November 22, 1963

    E846-851                                           Johnson's administrations, November 22, 1963-1969

    E855-861                                           Nixon's administrations, 1969-August 9, 1974

    E865-868                                           Ford's administration, August 9, 1974-1977

    E872-875                                           Carter's administration, 1977-1981

    E876-880                                           Reagan's administrations, 1981-1989

    E881-884                                           George H. W. Bush's administration, 1989-1993

    E885-889                                           Clinton's administrations, 1993-2001

    E895-904                                     Twenty-first century

    E902-904                                           George W. Bush's administrations, 2001-2009

    E907-909                                           Barack Obama=s administration, 2009-


    Class F

    F1-975                                   United States local history

    F1-15                                           New England                                       

    F106                                            Atlantic coast.  Middle Atlantic States

    F206-220                                     The South.  South Atlantic States

    F296-301                                     Gulf States.  West Florida

    F396                                            Old Southwest.  Lower Mississippi Valley

    F476-485                                     Old Northwest.  Northwest Territory

    F590.3-596.3                               The West.  Trans-Mississippi Region.  Great Plains

    F721-722                                     Rocky Mountains.  Yellowstone National Park

    F786-790                                     New Southwest.  Colorado River, Canyon, and Valley

    F850.5-851.5                               Pacific States

    F965                                            The territories of the United States (General)

    F970                                            Insular possessions of the United States (General)

    F975                                            Central American, West Indian, and other countries protected by and

    having close political affiliations with the United States (General)

    F1001-1145.2                         British America

    F1001-1145.2                               Canada


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